This site is for sale

Hi, I want to thank all of you—music fans, musicians, venues, businesses, and everyone who supported AshlandLiveMusic since 2007.

I took this site off the air on 12/31/2014, and after almost a full year off, have definitely decided not to return to it.
I have enjoyed the downtime immensely and have funneled the creative energy and
time into other projects. The connections with those in the music scene has always been rewarding.

Since the site has been inactive for so long, I have drastically reduced the sale price for the domain and domain name.
Many people still ask for the listings to be brought back, and the related Facebook page stills get a number of Likes per week.
So I know there is still plenty of interest out there.

I would personally love to see someone purchase and take over this site and provide comprehensive live music listings.
Please contact me if you're interested.


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